Success Stories

We literally have thousands and thousands of Success Stories! Here are a few examples from each of our solutions! For more success stories, like my Freedom Possible Facebook page!

Weight Loss Success Stories

Meet Lianne!

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Lianne is my beautiful cousin-in-law who after 8 months on our program has lost 104 pounds! Lianne has lost dozens of inches and is now shopping for regular sized clothing for the first time in 20 years! She’s kicked some bad habits, she’s got lots of energy and some of her pestering health conditions have improved. She’s loving the program and sharing with others!

Congratulations Lianne!

Healthy Aging

Meet Theresa!

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Theresa says that at 60 says she feels better then she has in 2 decades! Theresa has lost 28 pounds and 55 inches and feels amazing! She’s a retired nurse and has ignited her passion for sharing and helping others transform their health.

Way to go Theresa!

Athletic Performance

Meet Angela!

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Angela is my beautiful twin sister who is an elite endurance athlete and a Yoga Instructor. She loves our program because it meets so many of her athletic needs. From fueling her body in yoga to helping her recover from her 100km runs, Angela is truly an example of what’s possible when you have the right nutrition!

Congratulation on all your success!

Meet Stacey!

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Stacey knows that as a mom and endurance athlete, it is important for her put the best nutrients into her body. In her first year of trying the products she not only had an injury free race season following the birth of her son but she also ran her fastest half-marathon ever!

Way to go girl!

Weight-Loss Disclaimer

The weight loss testimonials presented apply only to the individuals depicted, cannot be guaranteed, and should not be considered typical. A 2008 university study showed a statistically significant weight loss of 7 lbs during the first 9 days of the Cleansing and Fat Burning System. As with any health or fitness program, a sensible eating plan and regular exercise are required in order to achieve long-term weight loss.

Meet Our Team

These leaders have all become executives with Isagenix & are building their own organizations.

We are so proud of their dedication to transforming lives!

1Wendy Cowles, Phoenix, Arizona

I was listening to inspirational radio when I heard Crystal Andrus raving about a cleanse that she had just completed. She released some weight and felt amazing. I didn’t know her at the time, but listened to her show every week. I went to her site and immediately bought the 30 Day Program. It was mid-December and I had no intention to start until Jan. 1st. On Dec. 31st I opened my box and logged into my back office for the first time. I had no idea why I had people in my tree, but realized very quickly this was a business and decided to really put 100% effort into my cleanse to see if this is something I could share with others. I went on to release over 60 lbs. and I became a Crystal Executive within 3 months. I love sharing these life changing products with people!!

2Dr. Shaunna Menard, Kelnowa, British Columbia

As a medical doctor, my mission has been to assist people to live their longest, healthiest lives. Unfortunately, as a nation our health is deteriorating and before Isagenix, my health was also suffering. I was bloated with stress, exhausted, working crazy long hours to support my family but ironically my time WITH my family was relegated to a few hours here and there. Then my good friend, Erin Postle, introduced me to Isagenix. I lost 12 pounds in 30 days and 6 inches off my belly in six weeks! My energy was through the roof and I now weigh what I did in high school only I’ve got a lot more muscle now. People started noticing and wanted the same results. So of course I was willing to share and as a result in our first month we helped over 49 people lose 439 lbs. and 638 inches and now our little team has grown to assist thousands improve the quality of their health, wealth and freedom. As a result, I have been able to cut back on my clinic hours and I am no longer on call, allowing me more time to be with my family and travel and most importantly, my kids are getting their mom back.

3Leanne McArthur, Cold Lake, Alberta

In the 3 years before Isagenix found me, I was exhausted, foggy, couldn’t sleep at night, and felt so awful every morning when I woke up, it was like a train had run me over during the night. I used the furniture to help me get out of bed; it was no way to live. I didn’t have the energy to smile or laugh. Coffee was my crutch. Endless testing and retesting from my doctor let them to the conclusion that there was nothing wrong with me, and “face it Leanne, you are getting older.) At 42 I was unwilling to accept the rest of my life only getting worse from there. The answer to my prayers came within 24 hours of that diagnosis, and within days of starting the products, I was springing out of bed, laughing and playing with my kids, sleeping all night, waking rested, happy and the fog had lifted. At the end of my first 30 days I was down 22 lbs. and 26 inches and felt at least 20 years younger! Within 2 weeks, everyone who saw me would stop me and ask what I had been doing! They couldn’t believe how much better I looked and felt! Sharing was easy! The gift of amazing health is something that we all deserve and to be blessed with an amazing income just for sharing my story was a blessing in itself. It came at a time when a financial crisis had hit rather unexpectedly, and I’ll be forever grateful to Isagenix for saving both my health and our home.

4Jodian Self, Winnipeg, Manitoba

I have been an athlete my whole entire life. I was a Physical Education teacher and I taught spin classes. I worked out, I ate clean and I took supplements. I looked physically healthy but I was exhausted, run down, sleep deprived, nutritionally depleted and secretly addicted to energy drinks. Within 4 days of feeding my body Isagenix, I gave up my energy drink habit, I was sleeping like never before, I felt alert, awake and happy…within 2 months I had released 15 pounds that I didn’t think I needed to lose and felt fantastic! Fast forward 2 years – I realize these products are not just about the physical transformations people make. Feeding your body and feeding your brain the proper nutrition makes for a happy, healthy life.

5Tracy Payne Barrett, La Salle, Manitoba

I am a Physical Education and Health Teacher, Resistance Training Instructor, Wife and Mom of 2 beautiful girls. I did the Fast Start deep cleanse just to release toxins and feel healthier. In the process I ended up losing 8.5 pounds and 10 inches…mostly from my hips, waist and chest. I kept up with the shakes for breakfast and within 30 minutes after my workouts. I began to have more energy, sleep better and I increased my lean muscle mass. Oh, and my cravings for salt…stopped!! I now earn an income which has allowed me to reduce my teaching contract to half time and has given me the time freedom to spend quality time with my family.

7Erin Melito, Portland, Maine

I grew up an athlete and remained active and fairly healthy into my adult life. I began competing in figure competition in my thirties because I wanted to take my fitness to another level. I was working out regularly, eating clean and on the outside I appeared to be in the best shape of my life. At the same time, I began struggling with extreme fatigue, feeling sluggish, and cravings for sugary foods, stressed and overall lousy. I knew many other competitors who were using Isagenix but I refused to believe in the products until I was desperate to feel better so I decided to give it a try. Within days I started to feel more energy, more focused, and my cravings were almost non-existent! The longer I used the products the more amazing I felt…I was sold! Not only has Isagenix helped me in my everyday life, it has also made my competition preparation much easier. I now wouldn’t go a day without my Isagenix and have had the privilege of sharing these amazing products with others who are looking and feeling amazing too!

8Mary Major, Ottawa, Ontario

Before Isagenix, I was run down, tired, underweight and losing my hair. Since fueling my body with the best nutrition, I have been able to put on lean muscle, sleep better and my hair has never been healthier! I am now able to stay at home with my baby boy, I no longer have to worry about daycare costs and I can take my older children to all their activities. Being able to spend quality time with my family is something I have achieved by being open and saying YES to this amazing opportunity.

9Nenette Mayor, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Before Isagenix, I was a very tired, overwhelmed Mom of 2, with 15 stubborn pounds that just wouldn’t go away. I was introduced to the program by one of my best friends who, during her first week on the program, had transformed right before my eyes! I had to try it! In just 30 days, I released the 15lbs and dropped 4 jeans sizes! The fog lifted, my sleep improved, and I had the energy to go back to hula dancing! I have since added hip hop classes and Zumba to my activities. At the age of 43! I started sharing this amazing program with friends and family, and now I make a nice income that allows me to help pay the mortgage, treat my family out, and contribute more to my favourite charities. And I love helping others build their amazing Isagenix businesses too!

10Dean Spottar

Being educated as a Health Care Professional and working as a Pharmacist since 1989, I have a focus of helping people live high quality lives. During these working years, there have been many situations and conditions I have just been “reacting” and medicating with a “band aid solution” rather than “proactively” dealing with the root of the conditions – maintaining the proper weight and having rich and balanced nutrition. I was introduced to Isagenix after following the transformational and inspiring Facebook posts of my childhood friend, Dr. Shaunna Menard. I was in my forties and getting older, but I wanted to be a part of that healthy lifestyle too and create a financial situation where I could continue to partake in all my passions. After a few days, I had more energy. After a few weeks, I had shed some toxic fat and rediscovered my lean muscle. After less than a month, I had increased by bank account balance. As a result of sharing this goodness with people who also want to achieve their health and wealth goals, I have created a growing team of associates, and I am continuing to build residual income which will provide for me time freedom – to explore the world and ultimately create a legendary organisation which will impact even more lives.

11Maria Athanasopoulos, Headingley, Manitoba

I have always been dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle and known to having boundless energy and a true zest for life. Never did I imagine Isagenix would have such a positive and profound effect on me! In just 30 days, I was able to break the plateau I was stuck in and gave me even more energy (that I didn’t think was even possible!) to enjoy life to the fullest. Never have I looked and felt better in my life! I am extremely passionate about helping people and I am committed to transforming lives and assisting others to live a healthy lifestyle and achieve their dreams!

12Sylvia Richardson

Before Isagenix, I was worried about my health and that of my family and frustrated that I had no energy to do anything about it. In my 40s, I felt and looked old and worn out – even losing 5 lbs. seemed impossible. Then a fellow hockey Mom, Shaunna Menard suggested I try Isagenix. I now consider the day I met her to be my luckiest. By day 3, it was like a light bulb was switched on in me and I had more clarity, energy than I had in my 20s! I lost 20 lbs. and 22 inches in my first 30 days and went on to lose a total of 32 lbs. I felt like all three Charlie’s Angels rolled into one! What an amazing tool that literally transformed my body, dramatically improved my child’s health and allowed me to help support my family.

13Darlean Deep, Cold Lake, Alberta

Before Isagenix, I was tired, had no energy, could not sleep and I hurt everywhere all day every day. My husband had to help me get out of bed some mornings. My doctor told me I was just getting old. I did not want to believe him. I had some medical issues so I had to try and eat right and exercise, but I had no energy to put into this. I was introduced to Isagenix in Feb. of 2012, and I have not looked back since. By day 5 after my first cleanse, I felt wonderful. I was a new person who could get out of bed and had energy to do things and keep up with my, at the time 10 year old son. I felt so good that I felt the need to share Isagenix with everyone that I knew. I have started building a business and it is quite easy. I share with everyone I talk to. My family has a Mom and Wife back, and it feels so good. Thank you Isagenix.

Business Success Stories

Bonnie Hibbs, St. John’s, Newfoundland

Bonnie Before Isagenix I was low energy, stressed, exhausted, and bloated! I thought it was just the result of 14 years as a single parent. Then my cousin introduced me to Isagenix. I was amazed by day 6 by how I felt!!! Energy soared, improved sleep, pep in my step! Never looked back! I now have released 27lbs, still feel great and am on my way to creating a solid residual income! Thank you Isagenix!!!

Mikki Voter, Maine

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 1.31.45 PM Hi, I’m Mikki Voter! I am a stay-at-home mom of 18-month-old twins Carson and a Adeline, a 10-year-old boy Eli, and an 8-year-old girl Gabbie. My kids keep me very busy but they’re also my reason why? Since I started this journey I made the decision that I would never use my children as my excuse as to why I couldn’t get something done that they would always be my reason why I had to go further! Before ISagenix I worked with a Naturopath to create and run a health program, I’ve studied Ayurvedic Medicine at Sai Ayurvedic College then I went on to manage a big corporate gym for 5 years, was a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. I am an athlete at heart and take a very holistic approach to my health and wellness. I was blessed 6 months ago with Isagenix from my dear friend Lisa Lewis. She told me about the system and about the opportunity and I’ve never looked back. I feel As though I have found the missing link between eating whole clean foods and a great exercise program that creates total transformation, not only physically but spiritually, mentally, and financially too! My goals now are to retire my husband Steve so he and I can build our Isagenix business together and become the millionaires we are meant to be!!

Corie Haslbeck, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 1.31.55 PMBefore Isagenix I was overweight and exhausted, falling asleep while driving, felt tense most of the time and had skin problems that never went away. My great friend Brynne introduced me to the products and within days I had kicked my caffeine and sugar habits and had tons of energy and better mental focus. I released 20 lbs and 27 inches, my skin cleared up and my moods became stable with minimal tension in my body. I have continued to love and use the products since 2012 and feel the healthiest and happiest I have been in all my adult years. Within two weeks, people noticed the changes in me so sharing about Isagenix was easy. I then realized how much I could help others feel their absolute best while creating a residual income that would allow me and others create financial stability and freedom, to not worry about debt and retirement struggles and to go places and do things we would otherwise not be able to do. I am forever grateful for this company, the products and that my friends cared enough about me to invite me to take a look at all that Isagenix has to offer.

Rhonda & Darryn Sampson, North Sydney, Nova Scotia

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 1.32.06 PMI started Isagenix on Jan. 26th, 2014. I was at the heaviest weight in my life and my life seemed to be unravelling emotionally, physically and financially. I decided to join Isagenix after hitting my lowest point. So I called my friend Mary Major and I said “Sign me up today before I change my mind.” I haven’t looked back since. I lost 15 pounds and 23 inches quickly and became a Crystal Manager. My family jumped on board and both my husband and my daughter became consultants. Not long after, I was down 33 pounds and over 60 inches and my business took off. I became a 1 Star Crystal Executive in 3 months. My husband and I attended Celebration this year and our business exploded. We are now 2 Star Crystal Executive and this is only the beginning. This is a family business for us as we have three daughters: Logan 20, McKenzie 18 and Jordan 17 and they are all product users and soon to be great business builders. We are so thankful to Isagenix for all this company has done for our family and all the families that we encounter everyday.

Allison Milan, Powell River, B.C.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 1.32.16 PMI was introduced to Isagenix at a time in my life where I had two busy children under the age of 5, was working part time as a Physio Assistant and Recreation Therapist for Seniors as well as running a home based business of making all natural soap, bath and beauty products and selling them at farmer’s markets, craft fairs and gift stores. I felt like a chicken with my head cut off most days, running from here to there, dead dog tired, surviving on coffee and often grabbing fast food out of convenience. I exercised but it wasn’t always regularly, it was more when I felt the energy to or had enough time to on any particular day. I was exhausted, woke up throughout the night and felt like something had to give because at the end of the day, I had nothing left and there was no time for my husband but most importantly , for ‘ME’ in there.

Despite the fact my background is in Recreation, Physical Education and Kinesiology, I knew what I SHOULD be doing, but I didn’t always practice what I preached and my nutrition was definitely lacking. With having two children back to back and the stress of my busy lifestyle , I had put on 40 extra lbs and no matter how much I exercised, the weight wasn’t coming off. My self confidence was at an all time low .
That was April of 2014, not that far in the past. Since Isagenix I have lost 37 lbs. I started feeling an increase in energy almost immediately, my skin looked amazing and I started sleeping soundly without waking through the night! I felt fantastic! I have to be honest, I wasn’t interested in the business side of things at all, I just wanted to feel better, but what happened was I started telling people how fantastic I felt, and they signed up under me! It just kind of evolved. I realized what an amazing financial opportunity Isagenix was and since have become a Crystal Executive!
I finally feel like I am getting the “ME” back that I know has always been there! Isagenix has made me excited for the future and allows me to have the kind of busy lifestyle I have, by giving me the proper fuel and nutrition my body needs. It allows me to cope with the stress of day to day as well as adapt and move forward. I am so grateful and feel like I finally found the missing piece of the puzzle or the ‘secret’ I had been looking for!